New York Grey
The New York Grey Cadets (L.G.C. 1997) is a community based program that
aims to promote the core values of self-discipline, trust, academic excellence,
respect, and responsibility within the school community. The program use
military and liberal arts sciences to build students skills in leadership,
communication, academics, social emotional wellness and self-efficacy. The
cadet activities include academic intervention, college visits, community service,
digital citizenship certification, emergency preparedness training, and a musical

The cadet program focuses on student development of ethical values and
principles that underlie global citizenship. The program works closely with the
school and its community to provide academic and social interventions. Students
are required to think critically and communicate effectively with others, both
orally and in writing. The cadet program incorporates a focus on physical fitness
and maintaining good physical and mental health. Students are then assessed
on how the activity is linked to the specific learning objective using formal and
informal assessments. The cadet program is devoted to teaching students the
importance of high school graduation, college planning, and other advanced
educational opportunities.

The cadet program has adopted and implemented the Everfi Healthy
Relationships program. Everfi Healthy Relationships is an innovative digital
course that uses evidence-based strategies to educate students on how to
cultivate and maintain healthy relationships during their critical middle school