The History of the Legionnaire Greys Cadets Inc.

   On September 2nd of the year 1997 the Legionnaire Greys Cadets were born. They were a product of several long time, well decorated and respected former members of the Washington Gray Cadets Inc.  
After many years of serving the WGC dating back to 1982 Laguer took his vision of becoming a commander of a cadet unit to reality. When the opportunity presented itself on July 25th 1997, Dave Laguer
departed from the WGC. Within two weeks and along with thirty eight other WGC members who shared his vision, Dave Laguer started the LGC and he became its first battalion commander. The LGC’s initial
legitimacy was obtained through charters from the Boy Scouts of America. Crew and troop 769 were those charters.

   The LGC was incorporated as a Not-for –Profit Corporation on February 8th of the year 2000. The LGC’s original board of directors were Maria Soto, Luis Claudio and Dave Laguer. The Legionnaire Greys
Cadets Inc. obtained its 501 © (3) status on October 19th 2001. Some of the original cadets of the LGC include, Sanabria, Figueroa, Torres, Soto, and Alicea.

         In 2009 the leadership of the LGC Inc decided to take pride in our state in which we serve and adopted the name New York Grey Cadets. The LGC now operates under this name and DBA (doing
business as).